Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Rock Banders, a group of dedicated Rock Band® enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of our events take place in a friendly, non-competitive environment with the simple goal of having fun while rocking out to our favorite songs. We welcome all levels of experience, whether you've never played but have always wanted to, you've been playing rhythm games since the first Guitar Hero and can 100% any song in Expert Mode, or you simply love to sing and never touch plastic instruments. We would love for you to join us!

We currently host a monthly Rock Band night at 7Stars Bar & Grill. Located in San Jose at 398 South Bascom Avenue, 7Stars Bar & Grill is the perfect place for a night of food, drinks, and Rock Band.

In addition to our Bar Nights, members of our group often host Rock Band parties themselves. All of our events, including the Bar Nights at 7Stars, are posted on Meetup.com under Bay Area Rock Band. Simply join our meetup and you'll receive notifications whenever a new event is posted.

The Big Wow ComicFest at the San Jose Convention Center was a great success! We saw so many awesome rockers having so many good times up on our free-play stage. Can't wait to do it again next year!


Interested in knowing what songs we have? Look no further! For events such as our Bar Nights, we have over 2,400 songs available*. Click the button below to open a searchable and sortable list. You're sure to find some of your favorite songs and artists in our library.

2,473 Songs

Song Sources:

Downloaded Content

Green Day: Rock Band

LEGO Rock Band

Rock Band 1

Rock Band 2

Rock Band 3

Rock Band Network









*Song selection at certain events/parties may vary dependent upon host's library.

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